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Wiring Lights In Series Complete Guide

With a new electrical wiring and circuit post i am here, in this post i am guide you about wiring lights in series or how to connect lights in series connection with one another. In this post i highlight about series connection and it’s working principles.

What is series connection?

The type of circuit in which the current have only one way for flowing and completing circuit. OR we can said the the circuit in which all device connect with one line with one anther. In series circuit the voltage is change in every path of circuit but the I current is same. There are many advantages of series circuit and uses in electrical and electronic but in this post we talk about light and series connection. As i said that we can use it for many uses and bring in work for getting work. For example we wire an incandescent light bulb with outlet / socket then we can test electrical appliances and devise with the series testing board. Or we can use series circuit for dropping voltage to a circuit.
However in lights and series connection, if we wire for glowing or get lighting then big disadvantages of this circuit is the booths bulbs will glowing dim and if one of them stop working or burn then 2nd will stop working because of open circuit.

How to Do Wiring Lights In Series Connection

Wiring lights in series is too simple and easy connection and every one can do this. For doing this type of circuit, connect you N (neutral or negative ) wire to first light socket and then get connection from the socket to other one and then same get wire connection from light or bulb socket / lamp holder to the 3rd light. In last connect your L (phase or positive ) wire to the 3rd light socket free terminal as shown in below series lights wiring diagram.

wiring lights series diagram

In the above light bulb diagram i shown 3 Incandescent light bulb which is connects in series. Note that we can make a series testing board using one incandescent bulb and bulb socket and one outlet socket. In the circuit diagram is an example on wiring lights in series connection.
Note that if one of light bulb is burn, the other two will auto stop energizing or stop working.

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