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What’s Voltage – Volt-age Sources and it’s units

In electrical and electronics , Alternating current and DC current a name which we face every time is voltage. In this post i am writing about that what is voltage (V) and it;s unit. This article is small definition guide about volt-age.

What Is Voltage – Volt-age sources  and volts units

As i written in  my post about electricity that we can compression between electricity and water. For example we want to flow water thought water pipe so we required some fores to flow this water through the pipe and we can get this force from gravity or water pump.
Just like water pump volt age is force which we applied on conductor to flow the electric current. Or we can said that the pressure which flow the electric current in a conductor or electric wire is called volt age. Note that volt age unit is Volt and we denote volt age in circuit by using V.



Voltage Sources

There are different types of sources from which get the volt-age, a car battery or DC battery is the number one source of V, A Car alternator is also a source of volt-age and power plant generator is also a big source of vol tage.

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Units of  Measurement for voltage

1 V                      =        1000000 micro volts
1 V                      =        1000 Milli volts
1 KV                   =        1000 volts
10 KV                 =        10000 volts
1 Mega Volts      =         1000 KV or 1000000 volts

Voltage Testing Devices

The device from which we can test volt age is called volt meter and these volt meter is available in two types AC (alternating current) and DC (Direct current)  , however the units and range of voltage testing is different. These volts testing and measurement is mostly available in multi meter.

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