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How to Wire Voltmeter for Single Phase Power Supply

After a big time, i come back to make a new post about electrical tips, In this post i will tech you about voltmeter wiring. As you know that we share article about learning classes of electrical technology and electrical tips.
In this post you will learn about the voltage meter wiring for single phase and soon after this post we will share a post about 3 phase. However this post is just for single phase power.

How to do voltmeter wiring for single phase power?

The wiring of voltmeter is simple and easy for single phase and three phase, voltmeter have only two terminals or connection point where we connect the electric supply. As we wired a bulb or bulb holder /socket just like these substance we can wired the voltage meter to measure the voltage. The below diagram is about the voltage meter wiring diagram.

How to do wire  volt meter for single phase diagram

 voltmeter wiring diagram

As is shown i above diagram, same using this circuit method you can wired a voltmeter in you electrical wiring, the best place for voltmeter to wire in main distribution board.

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