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How To Wire Multiple Electrical Outlets?

Today i am coming with a new electrical outlet wiring post and in this post you will learn about multiple wiring outlets. In this post i will shown you that how can you instill 3 outlets in on box or how to wire or connect three outlet / plug socket with electric supply and with one another. As you know in this blog i publish and post simple designed diagram from which a person can learn easily. These diagrams do those work which is not done by from a symbol or image diagrams.

3 Electrical Outlet Wiring Diagram

The wiring of plug socket / outlets is too simple and i also published a post about this, As you know that an electrical outlet have 2 terminals or connection points where we connect power supply. But in some outlets we have 3 terminals in which the 3rd one for earth connection. We also use the 3 pin outlets in our daily life and IN SHA ALLAH soon i will share post about this, but this post only for 2 pin outlets / two pin sockets.

For wiring three outlets first of all switch off your main circuit breaker and then connect the neutral wire to all first first connection terminals then connect L (phase wire) to the others terminals as shown in below electrical outlet diagram.

electrical outlets wiring diagram

I hope you learn this outlet wiring and know you will be able to instill outlets in your electrical boards, however be care full before doing any electrical related works.

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