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MCB Wiring Connection Diagram For Single, Double, three and Four Pole

In our electrical distribution board we use different types of electrical devices, MCB is one of them. And in this post i am gonna to share a mcb wiring connection diagram in which is shown the single pole , double pole , three pole and 4 mcb wiring connection. This is an complete guide for new electrical student or future electrician. From this diagram a person can learn completely about the uses of mcb and it’s working and it’s instillation.

MCB Wiring Connection Diagram ( Single pole , Double Pole , Three Pole and Four Pole

As i told in my above words that in this post is about wiring Miniature circuit breakers, we start form the first type of this type of breakers.

Single pole MCB Circuit Breaker

This is a type of small circuit breaker which we can use for one wiring control, in type of  breaker we have 2 terminal or connection point in which one for entering current and and one for out put current.

Double / 2 Pole Miniature Circuit breaker

This the second type of mcb breaker which we use for 2 wire control, we can use this type of mcb in our single phase distribution board as main circuit breaker. In this CKT we have 2 in put terminals and 2 output terminals for current.

Three  Pole MCB Breakers

This is 3rd type of mcb which we use for controlling 3 wire current. Mostly we use for controlling 3 phase supply. This type of breaker can be use in 3 phase system.

4 Pole Circuit Breaker

We use this type of breaker for 3 phase 4 wire system, this breaker can control 4 wire current, and three phase 4 wire system is an good example of 4 wire current.

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IN the below diagram is shown the complete guide of one pole, two pole, three pole and four pole mcb wiring connection diagram.

mcb wiring connection diagram
In the above circuit breakers diagram , i show how to wire single with Neutral and Phase, double pole, three pole with L1, L2, L3 and four pole with L1 L2 L3 N mcb (miniature circuit breaker) wiring and complete connection. I shown in the above mcb wiring connection diagram that how to control single phase, three phase and three phase 4 wire system using miniature circuit breakers.

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