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How to Control Lamp by One way switch

How to control one lamp by one way switch / single way switch :

Electric wiring learning is very important for electrical technology students and for those who love with electric works. If you want to learn some thing in electric works, for example you want to learn refrigerator repairing works, then first learn electric wiring because if don’t learn electric wiring then you can not do refrigerator wiring easily. So Electrical Field is a white Field and anyone can earn a good income for this Field. So for this i will tech you online and hope you will support me, and you like me and you share my post with all friends.

What is Home Wiring ?

In home we have electric wiring and in electric wiring we have lamps, switch, sockets, ceiling fans, fuses, circuit breakers and in these things some was for controlled and some was controlled by some things and that’s all is Home wiring.

Necessary To Learn Home Wiring :

The Home Wiring in the first step to learn electric wiring and if a person / student wants to learn the electric wiring then it’s is  very necessary to start learning with the base and and the base of electric wiring is Home wiring. Every Electrical technology student want to learn some about particle electric works and Home wiring is the First step to learn electric works.
So Dear visitor i am here to tech you about electric wiring / Home wiring and i also post on washing machines, refrigerators , Air conditioners, and much more.

Requirements Of How To Control Lamp By One Way Switch :

For wiring of a lamp by one way switch / single way switch we need some things  which is listed below.
Lamp : 1 lamp 100 watt
Lamp Holder : One Lamp Holder
Switch : One way switch / Single way switch
AC Supply : 220 Volt Supply
Electric Cable : 3 pieces of Electric cables

How to control lamp by one way switch / How to wire lamp by one way switch :

First of all connect the Neutral wire to the first terminal of the lamp holder and then connect the Phase wire to the first terminal of the one way switch and then connect another wire head to the second terminal of one way switch and then connect the wire second head to the second terminal of lamp holder, For better understanding there are figure below which help you to learn this class.

wiring a light switch diagram
This is our first class about learning electric wiring / Home wiring. And this is very simple class and hope you learn it and now if you have any question or if you tank that i miss some things in this post then do ask me in below comments section.

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