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How To Control 2 Lamps By 2 Switches & One way switches (Parallel Circuit)

How to Wire 2 lamps by 2 One way switches / Single way switches :

Electric wiring  learning is very important for electrical technology students. And this the First step to  learn particle work in electrical field. In this post i am gonna to tech you that how to to control 2 lamps by 2 one way switch in parallel circuit. This class can help you to learn Home wiring  / Electric wiring. There are some requirements for this class, dear visitor i can only tech you online with help of my blog and my diagram which i make for you to learn electric wiring or home wiring easily.

Requirements of Controlling 2 lamps by 2 one way switches in Parallel circuit :
Lamps : 2 lamps ( In which one lamp is 100 watt and second is 200 watt)
Lamp Holders : 2 Lamp Holders
Switches : 2  One way switch
AC Supply : 220 Volts
Electric Cables : 6 to 7 electric cables pieces

How to control 2 lamps by 2 one way switches / How to wire 2 lamps by 2 one way switches / single way switches :

For wiring of 2 lamps with 2 one way switches in parallel circuit, first connect the Neutral wire to the first lamp holder first terminal and then connect the neutral wire to second lamp holder first terminal. Then connect the Phase wire to the first first terminals of both one way switches.
Connect a wire between one way switch second terminal and first lamp holder second terminal And do this process to the second one way switch and second lamp holder. Plug in the lamps in lamp holder, that’s all you done all the work and now you can use these lamps.
There are a figure which help you to learn this type of wiring.

two lights wiring
As you know that voltage will be same in parallel circuit and current (Amp) will be different. In this circuit we control to lamps by two switch but first lamp is 100 watt and second is 200 watt, so for this if we check the voltage in both lamps then we find that voltage is same but if we check the current (Amp) of the both- lamps then we find that 100 watts lamp have ampere leas then 200 watts, e.g example that is we have 0.4 ampere of 100 watts lamp then we have 0.8 ampere for 200 watts.Message : If you learn some thing from this post then share with your friends, if you share this link this will be good for your friends to learn electric wiring. Stay connect with my Google + account.

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