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Electric Current / Ampere Definition And Explanation

Electric Current a name which we face in electrical works or electrical studies, but what is electric current, As you know that in universe all things are made form atoms. Every Atom have there electron but in some atom the free electron have a high number and some atom consist a low number of free electron. Those things which are make from those atoms which have high number of free electron is called the conductor and those which are make form those atoms which have a low number of free electron is called insulator.
In this post you will learn about the current and it’s unit.
what is current and ampere

What is Current “I” , Ampere – Simple Explanation

In simple words the flow of  free electron in conductor is called current which we denoted by “I” in circuit and it’s unit is ampere.
The flow free electron we consider with the flow of water but the differences between water flow and electron flow is that we can see the water flow, while we can not see the flow of current or electron. I also write a post about the electricity which can help you more understanding current and electricity.
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What is electricity ? Step by step guideIn other words electricity is the flow of free electron in conductor or the flow of electron from one atom to other atom in same general direction. This flow of electron from atom to other  atom is referred to as current and it’s denoted by the symbol of “I” in circuit.

The rate of electron flow in conductor is different and different values. The current “I” is determined by the number of free electrons that pass through a cross-section area of a conductor in one second. As you know that atom is smallest particle and electron takes about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms to fill 1 cubic centimeter of copper conductor. It’s mean that electron required 124  atoms to flow through one cubic centimeter of copper conductor. It’s will be simple if you write 124 with the place of 24 zeros.

When 6.24 x 1018 electric current flow through a cross-section of conductor in one second that is called one ampere or amp. Ampere is unit of current and it’s symbol is the latter “A”.
Ampere is point of current which is produced from apply one volt to one ohm resistance circuit.

Direction of Electric Current Flow

Before the invention of electron theory. Conventional current flow law is used which said that the flow of electron is from positive to negative. But after the inversion of advance theory (Electron theory), this theory avoid confusion about electric current flow direction and due this theory we know that the electron flow is from negative to positive.

Units Of Measurement for current

1 Kilo ampere       =             1 KA           =    1000 A
1 Milli ampere      =             1mA            =    1/1000 A
1 micro ampere     =             1mA            =    1/1,000,000 A
I hope now you understood about the electric current and ampere.

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