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Contactor Working Complete Explanation and Uses

Last time i published a post about contactors and in this post you will learn about contactor working, in this post you will learn the working of contactor and it’s uses. I think this post help you about learn magnetic contactor parts working.

Contactor Working – Magnetic Contactor Uses

In this post we only highlight the working of cont actor and how a contactor work or working. There are many places where cont actor works very well and where we don’t have anther option. For example controlling a 3 phase motor and in every place we use cont actor for three phase induction motor. Contactor working is not end on controlling three phase or single phase motor. But we can use this on different places using different methods.
As i told in my last post that a contactor is a type of relay and that have many types. However main resion to write this post to explain the contact or / motor starter working principle or how a contactor works?

In simple words a magnetic cont actor is an type of relay which working is to make close contacts of electric supply by using a magnetic coil. My means that we provide the supply to cont actor coil, coil will make a strong magnetic force and attract the iron core and make the normal open contacts to close contacts.
Before explanation motor starter working first we disuse the magnetic contactor parts and it’s working.

contactor terminals names and uses
contactor terminals names and uses

Main Contacts

A contactor have 3 or 4 main contacts where we connect the incoming supply and get the supply form load (motor or other thing), these contacts are normally open and when we switch on the cont actor or provide current to C coil, these contacts make an close circuit, my mean that after setting contact or, the main contacts have normally close.
These main Contacts are shown with L1, L2 and L3 for main supply and T1, T2 and T3 for load.

Auxiliary Contacts

A motor starter have also other two contacts in which one is normally open (NO) and one is normally close (NC). However in big and high load motor stater we have these contacts on both sides, these contacts called auxiliary contacts and we can use it for different use and protection.

Contactor Coil

A magnetic contactor have coil which set or energize by providing supply to this coil. These coil can be different regarding rated volts e.g 24 volts, 110 volts, 220 volts , 380 / 440 V etc.

Overload Relay Working

The conductor working is incomplete with out an overload relay. We use two types of overload relay with contactor, thermal overload relay and electronic overload relay. Both use for same working. However the thermal overload relay working on thermal principles and the electron overload relay working using CT (current transformer). It’s use for to switch off the contact or coil current on time of overload current (ampere) flow to circuit / machine.
Note that this article is not about the overload relay however in other post we will talk about deeply.

Uses of Magnatic Contactor

As we use a one way switch or two way switch for many works or controlling different electrical appliance, just like this we can use contactor for many types of work and places. Where we can done our job by using contactor. However some machine for which we mostly use contactor for controlling which are , Electric motor, Electric heater, 3 phase washing machine , Air conditioners, Automatic power generator etc.

Message :

This is an short note and guide about the uses or contactor working in electrical maintenance works and it;s parts however further we will publish more about working of contact or / motor starter with practical example. Stay tune with us and take care……….

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