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What is a Contactor? – Uses Of Contactor

Contactor / motor starter are best chose for 3 phase motor and it’s controlling. We use contact or but the question is that what is contactor , this is a short post about contact-or / motor starter. So in the simple words the cont actor is an magnetic relay which we use for three phase motor controlling.

 contactor motor stater

What is Contactor / Motor Magnetic starter?

So as i written in my above words that contac tor is an type of relay. There are different type of relay which we use for different works. However this post not about the other type of relays, this post is about the contac-tor.
So in the simple sentience contac-tor / motor starter is an automatic relay which can operate the 3 phase motor or from which can control the three phase motor. Note that as we use a small 3 or two points relay for different use, just like this we can use the magnetic contac tor for different use but mostly we use it for 3 phase motor controller.

Contactor uses:

There are different types of contactor which use for different use. Some are for the low load and some contact or we use for high load. We can get an example form it’s size. A small body contactor will be use for a small load and big size will be use for high load. However we use and rate regarding the load (Ampere). Some example which i shown below about the cont actor uses
  • We use the contact or for 3 phase motors controlling.
  • We use this for one phase motor controlling.
  • We use if automatic Generator and main power supply form company (WAPDA) as change over switch.
  • We can use as simple relay.
  • We can use it for electric heaters
However we can use the contact-or in those places where a contact or can do his duty, IN SH ALLAH soon i will tell you about the different uses in different places with example diagram. I hope after this post you will find out the answer of what is contactor question.

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