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Ceiling Fan Wiring Controlled with Switch & Dimmer

I am always trying to make diagrams in very easy shape, and try to tech online which i learned in Electrical technology. Now in this post i am writing about ceiling fan wiring with one way switch and dimmer switch. In this post you will easily learn how to wire a ceiling fan with switch and dimmer switch. So lets start ……

Ceiling Fan Wiring With Switch and Dimmer Switch Diagram

The wiring  connection is too easy, you need to follow the below easy steps…..

  • First of all Switch off your Main circuit Breaker
  • Then connect the neutral wire to ceiling fan.
  • Then connect the phase (L) to the switch.
  • Get wire connection from switch other terminal and connect into dimmer switch.
  • At last get connection from dimmer switch other side and connect to ceiling fan.

Follow same ceiling fan wiring method which i wrote above and which i shown in below wiring ceiling fan diagram.

ceiling fan wiring Diagram

In the above diagram, i shown in 220 volts AC (Alternating Current) power supply, from which i connect the neutral (N) wire direct to fan ( you can see it with black color line) and then i connect the phase (L) wire to the switch terminal and then a wire between switch and dimmer switch and form dimmer switch to fan. This is complete circuit for ceiling fan wiring and same in our home wiring we follow this method. However use voltage regarding fan requirements, if fan required 110 to 120 voltage then use the 110 to 120 volts incoming supply.

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